Contract Manufacturing Overview

Creating Competitive Advantage. Supporting Your Brands.

Are you looking for ways to increase your manufacturing capacity without capital investment? GEON® Performance Solutions has over four decades of custom manufacturing experience and can serve as a seamless, confidential extension of your manufacturing organization that enables quick and cost-effective new products and capacity expansion. You can focus on your core competencies while relying on GEON’s extensive engineering and manufacturing experience to enhance your product line and performance.

Whether you are a resin producer, polymer formulator, reseller or distributor, you can rely on GEON’s manufacturing solutions to help you:

Innovate and Create Competitive Advantage with Your Products
When you work with GEON, we can help you develop new solutions and material formulations that enable design innovation, marketplace excitement and competitive advantage.

Choose the Right Material for the Job
At GEON, we have extensive polymer formulation expertise and an understanding of the goals of the design process. We can help research new resin and additive combinations at our industry leading Innovation Centers and enhance your product lines with specialty formulations.

Optimize Operations and Reduce Total Costs
GEON Manufacturing Solutions can help you improve your operations and solve a variety of processing concerns including large or small lot production, process selection assistance, color matching or testing and diagnostics. Working with GEON, you can take advantage of our extensive supplier base, production efficiencies and distribution services to get what you need, where and when you need it.

Get to Market Faster
GEON Manufacturing Solutions feature Rapid Turnaround Programs to speed your product development cycle. These are supported by design services to help you accelerate new product development. At GEON, we work with complete confidentiality on your projects and have internal programs in place to protect your intellectual property.

Optimize Cost & Reduce Complexity
GEON Manufacturing Solutions is Lean Six Sigma certified. Over 80% of our teams are trained in Lean Six Sigma and we have received multiple Lean Six Sigma Awards for the Process Excellence Network.