Material Safety Data Sheets


GEON has transitioned our Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for our manufactured products to meet the requirements of the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), and CLP classification in Europe. You may see us use both terms, MSDS and SDS, as GHS becomes more familiar in all of our global market.

Note: SDS access methods vary by region – please read the instructions for your region carefully.

NORTH AMERICA (Goods manufactured by GEON): Use the search boxes on the current page to use the online search for SDS for products manufactured by GEON.

ASIA/PACIFIC: SDS for the Asia Pacific region can be obtained by contacting the appropriate regional office.

Search Tips

  1. You may search by either Product Code or Product Name but not both in the same search.
  2. You may enter COMPLETE or PARTIAL product code or name information. (The more complete the information, the more accurate the search result – e.g. a search that only includes the number “8700” or the word “RED” will yield very large results sets).
  3. In a Product Name search, the characters MUST INCLUDE ACCURATE SPACING AND HYPHENATION.
  4. The search is NOT CASE SENSITIVE.
  5. Products that are no longer active have the last revised date.

Search Definitions

The Product Code (a.k.a. Material or Material Number) has either 12 or 14 characters. Examples of product codes include VC1000151760, 8051000B2060.

To search using the product code please remove the last two characters from the code for your search. These last two characters are the package code, which is not needed when searching for a product. For example VC10001517, VC10001517, 8051000B20.

GEON Product Code (Material or Material Number) may be found on any of the following:

  • Sales Order Confirmation – under “Material Header”
  • Product Quotation – labeled as “GEON Material” Invoice – under “Material Header”
  • Shipment Notification – under “Material Header” MSDS – labeled as the “Product Number” (in Section 1)
  • Packing List – under “Material Number Header”
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA) – labeled as “Material”

TIP: If no results are obtained using the full product code or product name, try entering only a few of the characters and searching again.

Product Name (a.k.a. Description or Material Description) is the product description and may or may not be included the product’s brand or other trademarks.

Examples of Product name are:

  • GEON W9300 NAT 0000