GEON® Bold Alloys

Meet growing market demand for appealing darker colors that have the look of expertly stained wood or painted metal. Specially formulated for capstock, profiles and sheet used for outdoor building products, GEON Bold provide superior weathering performance with excellent color hold, even in the darkest shades.


  • Appealing dark colors in high-gloss, satin and matte finishes to resemble stained wood or painted metal
  • Low consumer maintenance required
  • Long-term color hold performance as demonstrated by outdoor weathering data in varied climates and environments
  • Formulated with cool pigment technology to lower solar heat buildup and keep surfaces up to 30% cooler to the touch
  • Grades with higher heat distortion temperatures for use in warmer climates
  • Flexible design options with grades that can be extruded as capstock over substrate, solid profile, or sheet
L5000Base grade for solid profile or capstock extrusion in mid-dark colorsFencing, windows, railings
LA426 (HTX)Premium grade for solid profile extrusion in the darkest colorsFencing, windows
L5500Premium grade for capstock extrusion in mid-dark colorsRailings, fencing, windows
L5700Premium grade for capstock extrusion in the darkest colorsDecking
L5800Premium grade for capstock extrusion in the darkest colorsRailings, fencing, windows