GEON CPVC combines key vinyl properties, such as inherent flame and chemical resistance, with elevated temperature performance and low smoke generation, creating an effective engineering solution for many industrial applications.

From traditional hot water pipe and fittings to window and door applications as well as aerospace panels, GEON CPVC meets a variety of performance and regulatory requirements.  These formulations can be an effective replacement for some higher cost engineered polymers or metal.


  • High heat distortion temperatures up to 230°F (110°C)
  • Meets stringent flame and smoke standards
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance as option to metal
  • Supports higher heat build-up from black and dark bronze colored capstock
EC501 Window ProfilesDry BlendExtrusion 219
EC520 Siding Substrate, Window ProfilesPowderExtrusion 216
EC900 CTS Hot Water Pipe PowderExtrusion NSF 14 and 61 229
EC950 IPS Pipe PowderExtrusion NSF 14 and 61 230
EE105 Electrical Conduit PelletsExtrusion UL RTI 221°F (105°C) 221
LC510 Window ProfilesPelletsExtrusion 221
MC100 CTS Hot Water Fittings Pellets MoldingNSV 14 and 61 217