GEON® Purge for Vinyl

GEON Purge solutions for vinyl are an effective way to clean PVC extruders between runs or at shutdown. Using GEON Purge can provide a number of benefits, from helping to reduce downtime to improving quality control to enhancing safety and security with less machinery damage. There are a number of GEON Purge products available to suit different equipment and processing requirements.


Using GEON Purge as a best practice adds value during:

  • Color changeovers
  • Material and formulation changes
  • Shutdown or start-up
  • Machine maintenance
LP300 Pellets Extrusion Use on both twin screw and single screw extruders
E0101 Powder Extrusion Use to clean extruder/die at shutdown on twin screw extruder only
E0916 Powder Extrusion Designed to leave in the die and restart at a subsequent time
Clear Oxypurge Packaging Blow Molding Use with transparent PVC to avoid opaque contamination
Oxypurge Packaging Blow Molding Opaque medium filled purge for cleaning and light scrubbing action with opaque PVC
Geon Purge Natural Packaging Blow Molding Opaque filled purge for cleaning and scrubbing with more heavily filled PVC
W78F Natural Wire & Cable Coating Used for cleanout and equipment shut down