Resilience HC Healthcare Formulations

Resilience HC is a line of rigid vinyl materials created for medical device housing applications. It’s formulated with increased chemical resistance, easy processing, high quality aesthetics and excellent durability.

Resilience HC has proven field performance for point-of-care durability in both stationary and handheld medical devices. Its USP Class VI approval and high process versatility make it an excellent material choice in healthcare device applications.


  • Resists cracking, crazing, and discoloration from exposure to most disinfectants
  • Provides excellent aesthetics & high durability
  • USP Class VI approval
  • UL flame rating up to UL 94 5VA
  • UV resistance provides long-term color stability
HC 8210 Medium Flow, Medium Impact 5VA @1.5mm;V0 @ 0.75mm Yes
HC 8220 High Flow, High Impact N/A Yes
HC 8230 Medium Flow, High Impact 5VA @2.0mm;V0 @1.5mm Yes
HC 4895 High Impact, Transparent V0 @ 1.5mm Yes
HC 8250H High Heat Distortion Temp 5VA @1.6mm;V0 @1.6mm Yes