SynPrime Lubricant Esters

Ester chemistry for lubricant formulations is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Standard products often fall short in meeting all of your specific performance requirements. At GEON® Performance Solutions, we close the gap by working closely with our customers to understand their needs and to develop cost-effective, customized solutions.

The combination of GEON Performance Solutions’ broad chemistry portfolio and custom product approach offers the diversity needed to fill the void left by backward integrated suppliers who may not be concerned with what you really need. We have the desire and capability to help you meet application-specific durability, biodegradability, viscosity and temperature performance requirements.


Fully synthetic SynPrime Lubricant Esters offer the following documented attributes over mineral oil based alternatives:

  • Polar chemistry that enables formation of strong and stable lubrication films
  • Natural detergency that reduces insoluble residues and often removes pre-existing deposits
  • Lower pour point, reduced volatility, better viscosity index, higher flash points, and improved thermal/oxidative stability
  • Improved biodegradability over mineral oils and other synthetic alternatives

Formulating with lubricant esters can help your customers:

  • Reduce capital expenditures and maintenance costs through longer equipment service life
  • Lower operating costs by reducing energy consumption and equipment downtime
  • Improve product biodegradability, and reduce waste with less frequent oil changes
  • Meet specific lubricant performance requirements, including specialty applications, through GEON Performance Solutions’ flexible manufacturing capabilities, agility and modest volume requirements